Monday, March 14, 2016

Buying a new pup! Dachshund Chow Chow Mix

I am planning to buy a new pup but I can't decide which one as the puppies on the litter I am eyeing are equally cute and adorable. The puppies are just a month old and they are Dachshund Chow Chow mix.

At $70, you can already bring home one of these.....

This little guy here will surely melt anyone's heart

Hmmm... he'll surely catch your attention and he reminds me of a rottweiler breed one of the reasons why I like him, not to mention he has the biggest head.

She's a she but she clearly doesn't need any of her pack's protection, you can tell by her looks that she's toughie.

I always wanted to own a white dog, they are always attractive regardless of the breed.

 That's a weird place for a white spot, right? That's what made him stand-out, you can really easily spot him among the litter.
Look at those feet! He clearly has the Chow Chow's feet and imagine how cute he'll grow if he get's the height of a dachshund with those big bone feet.

I don't even know if people will get to see this, but if there's anyone who took time to read this post, I will really appreciate if you will help me pick the new member of the family. I still have 4 weeks tops to decide.

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