Monday, December 7, 2009

I wish! I want! Hopefully I have!

I am getting frustrated of buying my own workstation; I’m not really techie though I’m more on functionality. I don’t seek one for style or anything else rather than necessity.  Can you just imagine I’m an IT specialist and don’t even posses one? Yeah funny or should I say shameful but that doesn’t really matter. I don’t really mind although sometimes I got me wishing to finally get my own unit but recently I felt the need and each day I feel the pressure of filling that need. Seems like I’m not just wishing, I’m already acting on it. My thoughts, my emotions is being driven by a single motive “having my own laptop”
First things first, where on earth will I get money?! Well, got an answer with that just let me keep it myself. Next step is where would I buy?  What exactly I want? You see too many stores, too many brands, too many units. Many are good but what I need is something that satisfies my need and my budget....

To be continued.... 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hilarious Shopping Bags


For our shopping convenience and comfort we use shopping bags to cater all our shopping items in one bag. Malls and markets got enormous variety of bags, from different colors down to different sizes. It can be yellow, blue or it can be large or small or it can be fun too. =))Customizing shopping bags with fun prints and colors can make  it more than just a bag, see how bags can be considered as walking advertisement, browse at the collection of shopping bags that has gone beyond the norm and leaves no space for imagination. (Photos by Google)

Bag that suggests a lesson..

 Is it from Red Cross?

 This is so meaningful. It's like saying "kids don't go anywhere hold your mom's hand" I'm just stating the obvious;)

Now idunno what lesson could you get from here. Guard you pet dude!;)

Animal lover..

ehrrr.. I really hate frogs.

ohhh... be gentle please...
I wonder what feet is that. could it be chicken? duck? I'm curious..

A friend said it is a cat but it appears as a tiger to me. idunno.. what do you think?

Music lover..


Too busy to exercise..

Can someone help here carry that bag? that looks too heavy..

Aren't you tired there?

Hot and sexy... 


I love this one, the store that created this one is really a genius just for creating a paper bag like that.

Bags on the go.. 



Not all bags suggests a lesson.. this one suggest something that we should never do.
Cute and very creative..=)

Caution you might get caught..

ooohhh... i don't think i would love to bring this in going to department stores...

Don't mess up with him. I'm warning you... hehehe

That hurts!..


Say aaAAAaahhh....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Safety Shopping Guidelines

Shopping online is quite convenient, with just a click of the mouse shoppers can order and have their orders delivered at their homes. You can skip window shopping at the mall and stay at the comfort of your home. However, shopping on the cyberspace is not exempted of scams just like shopping in the real world, problems like scam may occur. Wise shoppers exercise caution when shopping online. Be alert and use common sense to get rid of computer glitch otherwise user will be cheated by clever scammers. Help keep your shopping experience a safe one, scroll down and read the quick facts about safety shopping guidelines and practice a safe online shopping.

Protect yourself
  • Do not open unsolicited mails. Report suspicious websites or if you’re a victim of online scams report to Better Business Bureau.
  • Know who you’re dealing with. Check complaint records at your local consumer protection agency. Get the physical address and phone number to contact the merchant offline.
  • You should try to find out if  the data is encrypted. In such case if a hacker is able to break in, it cannot obtain your credit data and other personal information. Avoid providing sensitive information via email.
  • Read all terms and conditions to know how it safeguards your personal data on its computer, print and file the protection in case you need proof later.
  • Use credit cards it’s the safest way to pay as user's transaction will be protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act.
  • Know what you are exactly buying. Look for product description, total price which includes shipping rates. Check for refund and return policies, delivery dates, and warranty information.
  • Read more articles about  safety shopping guidelines

Look for clues and warning signs
  • The online shopping website provides adequate privacy information
  • Suspicious propaganda like products advertised at a very low price. Ask yourself if the claims made about the product are reasonable or too good to be true.
  • The other merchant insists on immediate payment, or payment by electronic funds transfer or a wire service. If so leave the website and cancel your transaction.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Frugal Shopping Tips


Make up your list
Planning and making list before shopping will save you valuable time. Organizing your shopping/grocery list will aid you buy economically thus helping you pick the necessary needs while scratching out the unnecessary ones. Find time for quick inventory, look for the things that you need and complete your list.

Important: Stick on your shopping list to avoid impulsive buying.

Get ready
Eat before shopping! Don’t shop with an empty stomach; starving affects your mood and your mood affects your choices and it will only mean another expense. Fast-food and restaurant meals are often expensive.

Fabulous freebies
Look for SALE and free items. Product tagged as SALE does not always mean "it is the best value" you should know the regular price.

Discount coupons and samples are mom’s favorite. Online coupon codes are said to be better than traditional retail merchant.

Bargains are good but sometimes they are too good to resist that you even break your budget plan. Don't be overwhelmed, buy only those things that you need that is why you have a list and stick on it. " A bargain ain't a bargain unless it's something you need" as Sidney Carroll said.

Shop online

Online shopping is known as convenient shopping. As it allows you to navigate 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Take advantage of maximizing your leisure time by buying in front of your computer screens. Experience a stress free shopping at your fingertips!

 Stay updated for more  Frugal Shopping Tips! =)


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