Monday, December 7, 2009

I wish! I want! Hopefully I have!

I am getting frustrated of buying my own workstation; I’m not really techie though I’m more on functionality. I don’t seek one for style or anything else rather than necessity.  Can you just imagine I’m an IT specialist and don’t even posses one? Yeah funny or should I say shameful but that doesn’t really matter. I don’t really mind although sometimes I got me wishing to finally get my own unit but recently I felt the need and each day I feel the pressure of filling that need. Seems like I’m not just wishing, I’m already acting on it. My thoughts, my emotions is being driven by a single motive “having my own laptop”
First things first, where on earth will I get money?! Well, got an answer with that just let me keep it myself. Next step is where would I buy?  What exactly I want? You see too many stores, too many brands, too many units. Many are good but what I need is something that satisfies my need and my budget....

To be continued.... 

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