Friday, September 17, 2010

All About Shoes! Shoeriffic!

Woah! It's been ages since I last wrote something here..but well the fascination of being a shopping enthusiast! I need to have some cash to finance my cravings yah know! lol but anyway let's get to the thing that I wanna share to all of you. I love shoes so much and oh well since i am so into shoes right now.. I got some yummy treats for the eyes!

These are the collection that if I got a lot of money! I would want them in my closet! 'IN' my closet! lol 

OMG! I love IT! It's intricate style is way too tempting!

what else can I say? It's gorgeous!

Okay YOU got me! 

Your CUTE sexy!

Now we're done with the shoes that I really wanted! Let me show you some shoes that are 'wearable' by unique sets of people!

Hilarious Shoes

Me: Oh can someone really wear that?
Bff: Yeah! me! =)))

Intriguing! What yah doing there Spidey??

It's like origami! colorful eh?

I don't want to imagine how freaking hard it is to use this!

Hey there cute little thing!

Okay! You want more? Heres the shoes that I don't really think anyone would love to wear! or am I wrong?

Freaky Shoes!

Oh is this really a shoes? It's kind of depressing! LOL

how am I supposed to walk using this??

I think I ate one of her brothers while having lunch today! humaygash!!

OHHHH FREAKISH THING EVER! I will not be able to sleep now!! This will haunt me! LOL


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