Friday, September 17, 2010

All About Shoes! Shoeriffic!

Woah! It's been ages since I last wrote something here..but well the fascination of being a shopping enthusiast! I need to have some cash to finance my cravings yah know! lol but anyway let's get to the thing that I wanna share to all of you. I love shoes so much and oh well since i am so into shoes right now.. I got some yummy treats for the eyes!

These are the collection that if I got a lot of money! I would want them in my closet! 'IN' my closet! lol 

OMG! I love IT! It's intricate style is way too tempting!

what else can I say? It's gorgeous!

Okay YOU got me! 

Your CUTE sexy!

Now we're done with the shoes that I really wanted! Let me show you some shoes that are 'wearable' by unique sets of people!

Hilarious Shoes

Me: Oh can someone really wear that?
Bff: Yeah! me! =)))

Intriguing! What yah doing there Spidey??

It's like origami! colorful eh?

I don't want to imagine how freaking hard it is to use this!

Hey there cute little thing!

Okay! You want more? Heres the shoes that I don't really think anyone would love to wear! or am I wrong?

Freaky Shoes!

Oh is this really a shoes? It's kind of depressing! LOL

how am I supposed to walk using this??

I think I ate one of her brothers while having lunch today! humaygash!!

OHHHH FREAKISH THING EVER! I will not be able to sleep now!! This will haunt me! LOL

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kingston released 256 GB USB flash drive!!!!=)


In need of easy storage for large amount of data? Then the Kingston company has gotten a solution for you! Kingston released a storage device with massive storage capability that comes in tiny handy flash disk. The drive is called the DataTraveler 310

The DataTraveler 310 is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac and the recommended retail price for  the DataTraveler 310 is $1,108 and its protected for 5yr warranty. 

For your storage needs I know Kingston  the DataTraveler 310 is really a solution.


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